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Release Date Jan 26, 2017

Trip to ABC

I used to hear praiseworthy comments about Annapurna circuit from my friends who had visited Nepal. I was willing to go there ever since. When I got opportunity last year to go to Nepal, it became my first destination. Being one of the most challenging trek, I was both nervous and enthusiastic. During the hiking to ABC, I got chance to interact with local people, eat their food, live their kind of life and learn about their culture and traditions. These people were very simple but with rich  heart. They treated me with great hospitality. Their kindness added to the beauty of the place- mesmerizing landscape, spectacular mountains, soothing views overall. So many days of hardship during the whole journey payed off when I reached there and felt like a conqueror. I sat on a huge rock, took a long breathe and starred continuously at the giant mountain. It was the best feeling!