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There is a saying in Nepal that "Guests are God", so this means we value every client and respect their privacy. During the time you inquire with us, you will be leaving some contact information which is the first private thing you will be sharing with us. Later when you book with us, we will need your passport copy and other personal information. These are the only information we will have, and we guarantee you this will be private even in the future. We have good web security system that will protect your data and info.  

Those infos we collect from you will be used for reservations and bookings. If you feel unsecured to give all your info, then you can settle everything to basics. But make sure when you come to Nepal get all the required document with yourself. After your visit to Nepal we will be in contact, so our newsletter or any special promotional package will be mailed to you even in the future. If you are not interested or you wish to inquire when you need then you may Unsubscribe us. Your email will be saved with us so you can mail us for any inquiry or any information without any hesitation.