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Release Date Feb 23, 2018

Which food you must try in Nepal and which to avoid??

Nepal is undoubtedly a beautiful country: rich in culture, nature and hospitable people. If you are planning to visit Nepal, you shouldn’t miss trying the amazing dishes too. Nepali cuisine might not be as famous as other cuisines of South Asia but once you try, you’ll crave for them forever. Most of the people think “Dal Bhat” or rice and lentils is the only legible Nepali cuisine, which is absolutely not true. Dal Bhat, of course, is the staple food of Nepal, but there are plenty of other dishes which are unknown to the world. Among Nepali cuisines, Newari dishes are believed to be one significant set of cuisine with typical Nepali features and rich taste. They belong to Newari Community who are the indigenous people living in Kathmandu Valley for more than 1000 years. They used to be limited among a small community of Newars. However, nowadays Newari food is equally loved and appreciated by other ethnic groups as well. Their food has a local flavor and unique taste that is alluring and worth trying. Baji (Beaten Rice), Geda gudi (varieties of lentils), spinach, Alu Tama (bamboo shoots and potatoes), pickles made of potatoes; radish and tomatoes, Choyla, Kachela are few of the significant dish in Newari cuisine.  You can find Newari food in almost all the hotels, restaurants and cafes of the Kathmandu Valley. Another authentic cuisine that one must try is Thakali cuisine. They belong to the Thakali Community, who originated from Thak Khola in the Mustang region of Nepal. The main dish in Thakali cuisine consists of corn flour pudding (‘Dhindo’) served along with varieties of vegetables and mutton. There are other side dishes too which add more delicacy and value to this cuisine. Apart from these, there are many cuisines from different ethnic groups which can be explored. Some commonly consumed foods in Nepal are Dal Bhat, Roti and Chapati, Chicken, Mutton and Fish curry, Mo:Mo, Noodles, Chowmin, Sel, Khapse, Dahi (JuJu Dhau, special yogurt of Bhaktapur), Pickles, Sweets and many more. You must plan to try them if you are travelling to Nepal.

It is also necessary that you know about foods which has reportedly caused food poisoning to tourists leading to constant vomiting and diarrhea. Foods which are sold openly in the streets, especially in Kathmandu, should be strictly avoided. Kathmandu’s air pollution is dangerous and so, foods sold in streets are highly contaminated with various disease-causing microbes. You should be careful that you don’t drink water directly from the tap. If you are drinking water from local shops or refilling empty bottles, then make sure you purify it with purifying pills before consuming. Another important thing is, if you’ve never eaten spicy foods before, then it is wise to skip heavily spiced foods and go for much lighter food in terms of spiciness. Many tourists initially tend to enjoy the spicy flavor but later, due to digestion problems and change in ingredients, easily get food poisoning. You should remember to carry hand sanitizers and tissue papers with you before you step out of the hotel. And, make sure that the restaurant or hotel you are eating at is secured with basic level of hygiene.